125 year anniversary - Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association"

The association was founded on the 6th of February, 1898 and celebrations will begin on the 6th of February, 2023.

During the course of 2023, there are numerous activities on the agenda for the Grindelwald mountain guides. One of them involves every mountain guide in the association taking the "Jubilee Ice Axe" on a mountain tour and reporting on it.

The celebrations and the journey of the "Jubilee Axe" will come to an end on the 18th of November, 2023. There will be a delegates' meeting of the Swiss Mountain Guides Association and a big mountain guide festival.

The #EispickelOnTour Chronicle

We will publish every tour the forged ice axe is taken on in the form of a small report. Who will climb which mountain remains a surprise, of course.

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October 2023

Wanderig ufz Bietehore

Erika und Ruedi Brawand

Alois at the Vorder Tierberg

Mountain tour with anniversary pick Alois on the Vorder Tierberg

Engelhörner Westgruppe

14. Oktober 2023 mit Schönthal Manoach und Heidi Ulrich

Dent de Ruth

#EispickelOnTour mit Sigi Schönthal am 22. Oktober 2023

September 2023

In the Valser valley

The jubilee pickaxe on the road with its creator and manufacturer Ruedi Bhend

August 2023


Alois und die schrägen Vögel

Alois at Himalaya

Expedition to a 7000m summit!

July 2023

Aletsch Glacier Hike

Something new for me..

Tour-Week JO 1

Alois on Tour with the Youth.


3 Grindelwalders on the "Horu".

3 4000m peaks in 3 days

Interesting tours in the Wallis...

June 2023

Team Outdoor on the Jungfrau

The anniversary pick reaches the Jungfrau.


Special exhibition - 125 years Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association

Hut check at Mittellegi hut

The anniversary pick sniffs Eiger air..

May 2023

Journey to Finnmark

If the anniversary ice axe could talk: A story from the far north

April 2023

Team Ski Tour Lötschenlücke

End the winter season on snowed-in glaciers.

Ski Tour SAC Grindelwald

Program changes are part of mountaineering.

IVBV Ski Championships

The anniversay ice axe is present on the IVBV Mountain Guides Ski Championships in Grindelwald.

New mountain guide clothes

Our mountain guides are ready for more adventures in the mountains.

Easter tour - Oberaletschhütte

Today we got serious. Our goal, the Aletschhorn at 4194 m.a.s.l.! We made great progress and after 6.5 hours...

March 2023

Meiringen climbing gym

The anniversary ice axe accompanied four veterans to Meiringen to the climbing hall.

Ski Touring in Slovenia

The first ski tour in Slovenia took us to the valley of Planica.

Jubilee Ice Axe complete's the Basic Skills Course Glacier Ski Touring

Although he was not allowed to participate as an anchor in the snow, he excelled at scoring the T-slot! 

February 2023

Monte Cazzola 2330m

Marianne Bomio (hiking leader) was out on snowshoes in the Alpe Devero area (Italy) between 19 and 24 February.

Ski Course with Nepali Mountain Guides

On Wednesday 8th of February, Marianne and I attended the ski course with seven Nepali mountain guides in Disentis...

Founding Assembly

On 6 February 2023, the members of the Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association celebrated the 125th anniversary of the association's founding meeting...

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Offizielles Gruppenbild 1898

Offizielles Gruppenbild 2021