Team Ski Tour Lötschenlücke

After an uncertain weather forecast, we were rewarded for our courage today! At 7:10 am we met at the Grindelwald terminal. We, that is part of the winter team of Outdoor, a mixed group of employees from the store, ski rental, Bodmilift, piste preparation, ski school sales and of course our mountain guide Hansueli and the jubilee pick. With the Eiger Express and the Jungfrau Railway we went up to the Jungfraujoch. Hansueli gave the first instructions and we equipped ourselves for the glacier ski tour. In brisk steps we left the Jungfraujoch to dive into the magnificent glacier landscape. The expectations for the snow quality were not very high - but oha, we were positively surprised. Still a bit cautious during the first turns, we soon took off - we literally flew over the Jungfraufirn down to Konkordiaplatz. By the way, the Jubiläumspickel also tried flying and it didn't work too badly 😊 Arriving at Konkordiaplatz, we switched to skins and hiked leisurely towards the Lötschenlücke. Because we were well on the way in terms of time, Hansueli made another excursion with us into the crevasse landscape above the Hollandiahütte. The jubilee pick was quite taken with all the ice and the deep crevasses. We searched our way through the labyrinth - or rather Hansueli led us back to safe ground. On a glacier surface at about 3300müM we changed back to the downhill mode. We descended to the Lötschenlücke and from there down the Langgletscher. The snow was great until we got to lower elevations where the rain had turned the snow into "Pflotsch". Shortly after 1 pm we arrived at Fafleralp. The shuttle bus took us to Blatten, where we had something to eat. In the afternoon we made our way home via Goppenstein, Spiez and Interlaken back to Grindelwald.

It was an impressive tour for all of us with a super cool team!