Easter Tour Oberaletschhütte

April 7 - 10, 2023
Mountain guide: Simon Wahli

Day 1
On the first day, the Jo Grindelwald took the train to Valais and the first gondola to Belalp. Afterwards we mounted the skins and set off in the direction of the Oberaletschhütte. In the cool water we advanced metre by metre and after a while we arrived in front of the via ferrata below the hut. So we had to tackle the last few metres of altitude. We could smell the delicious Rösti, the fine coffee and the fresh cake from below and thanks to that we literally sailed up the via ferrata. Arriving at the hut, we unpacked the gönnjamin and dined like gods! Many thanks to Irene and the whole hut team.

Day 2
On the second day we set off early in the morning for the Vorderen Geisshorn. According to the motto ''let's search for powpow'' we started walking. After a few hours we arrived at the summit. Then we were ready for the well-deserved descent. And indeed, we found the beautiful powpow! The descent was bombastic. For dinner, we started the experiment of whether you can eat spaghetti with the Jubilee pick. The result of the experiment was as follows: It goes amazingly well!

Day 3
Today we got serious. Our goal, the Aletschhorn at 4194 m.a.s.l.!
We made great progress and after 6.5 hours the JO of the Sac Grindelwald stood on the Aletschhorn with the Jubilee Axe. At 15:00 we were back in the hut. In the hut we still got the honour of beheading the Easter bunny. The hut team didn't have to tell us twice and we grabbed the jubilee pick and the Easter bunny and after a short eulogy, the bunny was finished off with a skilful neck slap. The freshly hunted hare was still eaten on the spot and the hut team was of course given some of it. Thank you again for allowing us the honour of performing this ritual.

Day 4
On the fourth and last day, we made our way home. We went over the Beichpass into the Lötschental and were able to ski down to Blatten. Here we also caught a bit of powpow. When we arrived in Blatten, we had another delicious lunch. With a full stomach, we made our way home.

Many thanks to Wahli Simon, who accompanied us as a mountain guide and was able to give us lots of tips.
Another thank you goes to the Oberaletschhütte and the entire hut team for the accommodation and the great food.

- Report by Lorenz Kaufmann