Hut check at Mittellegi hut, 1st June 2023

The anniversary pick sniffs Eiger air

Like my last trip, today's adventure starts with a flight. This time by helicopter up towards the Eiger. I am allowed to accompany Melanie, Fritz, Anja and Hampi to the to the Mittellegi hut. From the helicopter we can already see that there is still a lot of snow near the hut. and I'm looking forward to going into action.

Today is the day: Melanie, the new hut warden, sees her new place of work and residence for the first time. 3'355 m above sea level. After the initial overwhelming joy, it is clear that the hut has survived the winter well. winter well and is found in the same condition as last autumn. Fritz, hut manager & mountain guide, and Hampi, also a mountain guide, diligently shovel snow immediately after arrival and take care of it. and take care that melt water from the roof can be collected in the water tank under the hut. can be collected in the water tank under the hut. Meanwhile, Melanie and Anja are busy making an inventory and getting the beds ready. and making up the beds. After all, when the hut opens in a month's time, the guests should guests want for nothing.

While shovelling snow and walking around the hut, I give the four of them a handhold and for the first time get to work so close to the ice. first time so close to the Eiger. Otherwise I enjoy the beautiful view and watch the weather. the weather. The route up to the Eiger summit is of course one I'm memorising particularly well and I'm already very I'm already looking forward to tackling it in the summer. Tired and happy, I arrive back in the valley in the evening and rest before my next adventure. adventure. Where will it take me?