Special exhibition - Grindelwald Mountain Guides

I was recently invited to the vernissage of the special exhibition "125 Years of the Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association". Although I was born in 2022 and am a young "Bhendpickel", my pick-axe ancestors have lived through the entire history of the Grindelwald Mountain Guides' Association. Karl Bhend came to Grindelwald in 1870 and was soon forging ice picks for mountaineers in his horseshoe and wagon forge. Luckily, there is the Grindelwald Museum, so I was able to learn something about those bygone days too!

The oldest group photo of the Grindelwald mountain guides dates from 1880, which means it was taken eighteen years before the association was founded.

I can't read the founding minutes of the Grindelwald Mountain Guides' Association of 6 February 1898, but I like the writing.

I can't say for sure whether my ancestors were there on the first ascent over the Mittellegi Ridge. At that time, Jörg in Zweilütschinen, Häsler in Lütschental and Schenk in Grindelwald were also still forging ice axes.

In the past, Bhendpickel were allowed to take part in parades from time to time. This was also the case in 1973, when the Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association celebrated its 75th anniversary.

From time to time, my ancestors were also given to prominent people. For example, in 2006 when the Grindelwald Mountain Guides Association organised the anniversary "100 years of the Swiss and Bernese Mountain Guides Association" and presented Federal Councillor Joseph Deiss with a Bhend pick.

I also looked with interest at the development from the former mountain guide office in 1963 to the company outdoor.ch in the special exhibition. Mountain guide office, mountaineering school, mountaineering centre, GrindelwaldSports, Oudoor - many names! It's easier for me: for about 150 years my name has been the same: Bhendpickel!

Thank you, Marco, for accompanying me to the vernissage!