Alois on tour with the youth

In July, I was allowed as a jubilee pick with the JO I on the tour week. I was very pleased and impressed to be on the road with the young people!

They took me everywhere: via Tyrolienne over the stream for climbing, on the glacier, via ferrata and on the 3610m high Barrhorn. The young, motivated climbers are in such a good mood, laugh a lot and they always have something in mind! They especially like to play with stones... On the Adlerflüe, where the via ferrata leads up, they built a Steinmanndli as big as a man! And it was stable 😊 Some of the intrepid young miners even bathed in the glacier lake... I just watched from the shore... I still like the element of water better in solid state.

The week in the Turtmannhütte I will keep in any case in best memory. It's great that also the young people are doing such cool tours in the beautiful mountain world.

With us were Amélie, Fabienne, Kevin, Kassym, Larina, Parul, Marco, Fiona, Lara, Maurin, Leonie, Vito and the leaders Ursina, Sabrina and Laura.