Journey to Finnmark

If the anniversary ice axe could talk: A story from the far north

At the beginning of May, Conny Brawand and Laura Bomio decide to take a trip to Norway. Spontaneously, they received an invitation from Austrian friends to take part in a Sail & Ski Trip in Finnmark, the northernmost region of Norway. The two Grindelwald women don't have to think twice and set off for the far north. As the third from Grindelwald I may accompany the two on this trip, juhui!

Is life on a ship something for us "Grindelwalders"? I know that I am seaworthy. My ancestors were already taken on great expeditions in the 1950s, where the journey was also made by ship. 
So we live for a week in a relatively small space on the sailing boat "Moondance", together with other skiing enthusiasts from Austria, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol. The captain and his skipper are from Holland, which makes us a five-nation boat.

The weather is very kind to us in the beginning, we find wonderful valleys and beautiful snow. Then it is often badly reported but then better and we make every day a tour in and around the fjords of Oksfjord, Tverrfjorden, Nuvsfjorden, Bergsfjord and Langfjorden. So from 1000m the area is also partly still covered with glaciers.

A highlight is our tour through a gully in Langsfjorden, we climb about 700 meters in altitude in it. In the ascent, I even get to work briefly when there is some ice and I help to improve the track. The ambience and the descent to the water again are terrific!

For the last day the weather is great again. We climb one of the highest peaks in the area, the 1147m high Svartfjellet. What a view!

Back to life on the high seas: the Grindelwalders have proven to be very seaworthy. Conny takes over the helm of the motorboat and steers the group confidently to shore. Laura can't resist climbing the 25m high mast of the Moondance. They also do well with the local food... but don't worry, fish is still not on the menu of the Bäregg hut 😉

It gave me a lot of pleasure and beautiful moments to be able to make the trip to the wild Finnmark. I look forward to further adventures with mountain guides and guests, hopefully also to one or the other beautiful summit here at home. 😊


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