Air Activities

Skydiving, Paragliding, Hanggliding and more- no place offers more opportunities to get airborne! Take the ultimate leap from a perfectly good aircraft or stay onboard for a gently scenic flight, our experts pilots are waiting to welcome you into the Interlaken skies.

Airplane Skydiving

from 395 CHF

Heli Skydiving

from 450 CHF

Hanggliding Tandem-Flights by BumbleBee

from 230 CHF

Helicopter Interlaken Scenic Flight

from 270 CHF

Matterhorn Scenic Flight

from 295 CHF

Interlaken Scenic Flight

from 210 CHF

Mont Blanc Scenic Flight

from 340 CHF

30 Minute Heli Flight

from 420 CHF

20 Minute Heli Flight

from 280 CHF