• The “classics”/skiing alternatives
  • Winter landscape
  • Being in motion

Sledding and Velogemel riding

Enjoy speeding down the groomed runs in the Jungfrau region – on a sled or with a Grindelwald-style “snow bike”.

No Swiss winter experience would be complete without sledding. We offer you an exquisite descent on one of the numerous sledding runs in the Jungfrau region, on a snow bike or a modern steerable sled, which can also be ridden in the traditional way.  Invented and patented in Grindelwald, the snow bike, or “Velogemel”, is a traditional way to navigate snow-covered roads and footpaths.

With a bit of practice and after learning the proper technique from our OUTDOOR guides, all group members will master or perhaps rediscover the sledding skills they often acquired as children. We’re also happy to take those new to sledding under our wing to ensure they are also able to enjoy their first runs down the mountain on a sled. The perfect way to finish a sledding run is with refreshments and/or fondue outdoors or in an alpine hut or restaurant.

Safety first:
To ensure everyone has a good time sledding, we have adopted the following safety guidelines:

•    Maximum of 12 participants per guide
•    Detailed instruction before the descent
•    Additional guidance during the descent, e.g. approaching steep section
•    All participants given head lamps for evening/night activities
•    All guides are equipped with high-visibility vests and can communicate with each other
•    We recommend that you refrain from consuming alcohol before the descent
•    Wearing a helmet is recommended

This event is designed to facilitate team building:

Sledding or snow biking is a group activity that facilitates mutual understanding of others, taking collective responsibility for stronger and weaker participants and promotes the team building process.

Quick facts

 10 - 400 people

 about 2 hours

 Dezember - März

 suitable for everyone

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From 10 people

From 10 people

Send us your non-binding inquiry

More information

  • Suitable for everyone

  • On request

  • Depending on the sledding run: 1/2–3 hours

  • Instruction and supervision by OUTDOOR guides
  • Sledding, snow biking (“Velogemel”)
  • Headlamps

  • Warm water-repellent, ankle-high trekking or hiking boots
  • Warm outdoor clothing
  • Ski pants and ski jacket
  • Hat and gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • December–March

  • 10 - 100 people

  1. Gather at agreed meeting point
  2. Transportation to activity location
  3. Welcome and greeting by OUTDOOR guides
  4. Instruction and sledding run
  5. Return trip or after-event schedule

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