• Team choreography
  • Workshop with professionals
  • Swiss tradition

Flag throwing

See what it’s like to be a traditional Swiss flag thrower and experience Swiss customs firsthand

Anyone can throw a flag, but how do you throw an “Oberländer Stich” properly?

In typical Swiss fashion, the tradition of flag throwing involves a host of rules – from the size of the flag, all the way to precise descriptions of the 99 different throws and even the duration of the performance.

We don’t take own flag throwing event quite this seriously, however. We will pick you up at the meeting point and accompany you to our flag throwing arena, where our professional flag throwers from the Jungfrau region will show off their impressive abilities.

This event is designed to facilitate team building:

The flag throwing team event challenges employees on several levels. First, they must learn a new skill and then face the challenge of demonstrating the new skill in front of their work colleagues. Afterwards, the experience of shared success will have a positive impact on your employees’ self-esteem and promotes each member’s sense of self-worth.


Quick facts

 10 - 120 people

 approx. 2 hours

 possible year-round

 suitable for everyone

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From 10 people

From 10 people

Send us your non-binding inquiry

More information

  • Suitable for everyone

  • On request

  • Approx. 2

  • Accompanied by OUTDOOR guides and professional flag throwers
  • A professional flag throwing demonstration
  • Introduction to the art of flag throwing
  • Live folk music during the team performances
  • Judging of team performances
  • Winners’ ceremony

  • Sturdy footwear, athletic shoes
  • Outdoor clothing

  • Possible year-round

  • 10–120 people

  1. Gather at agreed meeting point
  2. Transportation to activity location
  3. Welcome and training with OUTDOOR guides
  4. Presentation of teams’ choreographed routines
  5. Winners’ ceremony
  6. Additional combination options: hiking, outdoor refreshments, lunch or dinner

Perfect in combination with:

Individual activities

From 10 people