• Teamwork
  • Build a Nepalese suspension bridge
  • Climbing and abseiling

Rope bridge building

Build a rope bridge hand-in-hand across the glacier gorge in Grindelwald and test it out right away.

Ready to pull together and build a bridge across the 100 m deep glacier gorge in Grindelwald near Interlaken and then cross the bridge? Then our “Rope bridge building” offer is perfect for you.

We’ll travel by foot or car/local bus to the glacier gorge of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier. Then we’ll take a short hike to a viewpoint where you can gaze into the mesmerizing glacier gorge from above. Our IVBV mountain guides will show you how to build a bridge from several ropes strung across the gorge with the combined strength of the group. Will the bridge hold? You’re sure to feel an adrenaline rush and it will take some courage to cross this “home-made” bridge.  After completing the brave deed, you can celebrate your accomplishment with the others while enjoying a beverage from your pack. Next up is a visit to the glacier gorge, which offers you a stunning contrasting view from a secured footbridge looking straight up the towering rock faces and glacial mills formed over the centuries.

Your OUTDOOR guides will be happy to tell you about the geological history of the glacier gorge as well as its economic importance for the tourism industry in the Jungfrau region. Still not satisfied and hungry for even more mountain adventures? Have you long been tempted by the idea of scaling a vertical rock face? A good way follow up the bridge-building activity, especially for larger groups, is an introduction to rock climbing or the thrill of abseiling down the rock face of the glacial gorge. Adding this activity to the schedule makes it possible to avoid longer wait times since we can complete your activities in two separate groups at the same time. For the “Climbing and Abseiling” package, you will receive expert guidance from the people at OUTDOOR.

This event is designed to facilitate team building:

Knotting ropes with the team to build a bridge and then crossing it automatically builds self confidence and trust within the group while strengthening the positive outlook for each employee to take ownership for contributing to the success.

Quick facts

 7 - 30 people

 about 2 hours


 suitable for everyone


Let us talk about your plans

From 7 people

From 7 people

Let us talk about your plans

More information

  • Suitable for everyone

  • On request

  • About 2 hours

  • Mentoring and instruction from IVBV and OUTDOOR mountain guides.
  • Safety gear: Ropes, climbing harness
  • Ticket for glacier gorge included

  • Water-repellent, ankle-high trekking or hiking boots
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Rain pants and rain jacket
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

  • April–December

  • 7–30 people

  1. Gather at agreed meeting point
  2. By foot or other means of transport to glacier gorge
  3. Welcome and greeting 
  4. Course in building rope bridges 
  5. On request, lunch at the Marmorbruch restaurant
  6. Visit to the glacier gorge
  7. Additional combination options: climbing and abseiling, hiking, outdoor refreshments

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