• High alpine scenery
  • 360° revolving restaurant
  • Piz Gloria 2,970 m above sea level

James Bond film crew casting

Follow in the footsteps of James Bond and spend an exciting day in the Lauterbrunnen valley.

James Bond fans the world over are eagerly waiting to find out who will be cast in the new film. And the casting crew is scouting for a whole team of actors: James Bond, the villain, Bond girls, Miss Moneypenny, Q, allies, adversaries and henchman, and more. Congratulations! Your teams have made it to the final round of casting. To land a role in the new James Bond film, you and your team will have to overcome some thrilling challenges on the way to the top of the Schilthorn.
The scouting will begin at Stechelberg station, where the cable car departs from the valley to that whisks you to the top of the Schilthorn. “Maxi” skiing, air rifle shooting, Aston Martin mountain cart race.

Next up: take the gondola to Birg, where the following challenges await you: defuse a bomb as quickly as possible, toss a hat skillfully on Miss Moneypenny’s hat stand, and test your nerves on the “Thrill Walk” – make sure to keep your cool and smile! A breathtaking view awaits you from the 360° revolving restaurant perched atop the Schilthorn at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters above sea level. Enjoy a moment of tranquility as you take in phenomenal views of the Bernese Alps with some refreshments or a James Bond burger.

Order a martini here at the original filming location for the 1968/69 James Bond Film On Her Majesty's Secret Service – shaken and not stirred, of course. The highlight of your event will be an introduction to the new James Bond film crew and visit to the James Bond museum and/or Walk of Fame. We will then take the cable car back down to the valley station.

This event is designed to facilitate team building:

Spending a day together in the environs of the Schilthorn is sure to stimulate plenty of rich conversation, offering your team members a chance to communicate on a deeper level. The various group tasks also help group members to better understand each other’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

Quick facts

 15 - 50 people

 4 - 6 hours

 possible year-round

 suitable for everyone

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From request

From request

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More information

  • Suitable for everyone

  • On request

  • 4–6 hours

  • Mentoring and instruction from OUTDOOR guides
  • Preparation and facilitation of various secret agent tasks
  • Transport of materials
  • Judging and winners’ ceremony

  • Sturdy footwear, athletic shoes
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Rain pants and rain jacket
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • Possible year-round

  • 15–50 people

  1. Gather at agreed meeting point
  2. Transportation to Stechelberg
  3. Meet the casting scouts at the valley station
  4. Casting with James Bond film crew
  5. Judging and winners’ ceremony
  6. Lunch at the revolving restaurant (on request)
  7. Return with gondola to Stechelberg valley station