Hiking Tours

Hiking is a great way for explorers of all skill levels to enjoy the mountains and find tranquility in nature, however it is not without risks. On our hiking courses and tours, our professional guides ensure you have the support, skills, and knowledge you need to safely and responsibly enjoy your time on the trail.

1 Day

Panorama Hike Grindelwald

99 CHF 부터

Eigertrail Hike

145 CHF 부터

Hike to Augstmatthorn

145 CHF 부터

Hike to Schwarzhorn

145 CHF 부터

Day Hike Gleckstein Hut

145 CHF 부터

Hike to the Guggi Hut

320 CHF 부터

Day Hike to Chrinnenhorn

215 CHF 부터

UNESCO Hike Alpiglen - Glacier Canyon

119 CHF 부터

UNESCO Hike First - Oberer Lauchbühl

119 CHF 부터

UNESCO Hike Bäregg

119 CHF 부터

UNESCO Hike Eigergletscher

119 CHF 부터

2 Days & longer

Hardergrat Hike

790 CHF 부터

Hike to the Gleckstein Hut

440 CHF 부터

Hike from Rosenlaui to Urbachtal

440 CHF 부터

Hiking Tour to the Schreckhorn Hut

650 CHF 부터

Basic Skills Course Alpine Hiking

470 CHF 부터

Hut trekking Urner Haute Route

1490 CHF 부터

UNESCO World Heritage Hikes

자세한 사항

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Aletsch Glacier Hike

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Taster Course Mountaineering

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Via Ferrata Mürren

169 CHF 부터