Glacier Ski Touring

Spring is here, conditions are right, and our team is ready to make your glacier ski tour dreams come true. From introductory tours to challenging summits, we have offers available for anyone who is ready to enjoy a perfect day of glacier ski touring in the high mountains.

Terrific views skiing through this UNESCO World Heritage area in 1 day

Ski Tour Lötschenlücke

CHF 165 CHF.-부터

자세한 사항

2 Days

Training and Ski Tour Lötschenlücke

319 CHF 부터

Ski Tour Aebniflueh

525 CHF 부터

Ski Tour over the Bächilücke

525 CHF 부터

Ski Tour around the Jungfrau

645 CHF 부터

3 Days or longer

Easy Ski Tours in the Jungfrau Area

850 CHF 부터

Ski Touring in Graubünden

850 CHF 부터

Ski Touring the Eldorado Gauli Area

1150 CHF 부터

Ski Tour Bernese Oberland Haute Route

1150 CHF 부터

Ski Tour from Zermatt to Verbier

1250 CHF 부터

Summit Ski Tour Bernese Oberland

1450 CHF 부터

Ski Tour Walliser Haute Route

1995 CHF 부터

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